Success Stories

Rick Hagen- Boat Captain

"I want to thank you and your staff for your help in keeping these 52-year-old bones in adjustment for years. More specifically, your treatment of my tendon injury, which allowed me to compete while still injured, is a testament to your knowledge and professionalism. Clearly your fancy state-of-the-art gizmos are for real. I not only survived, but without further injury won First Place in the Masters Division of the Connecticut State Judo Championship. Keep up the good work. Thanks again!

Sharon Stryker - Realtor


"About a year and a half after I was rear-ended in my Volvo, I developed such severe back pain I could NOT get pulled out of bed without screaming. A Neurosurgeon prescribed medication to reduce swelling and pain, followed by physical therapy which helped very little. I then began treatments with Dr. Hutter which relieved my pain and increased my mobility. Some time after that, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had a herniated disk which renewed my pain. Massages helped, but I returned to Dr. Hutter for extensive treatment. I am now able to move freely without pain, walk without a cane and I don’t need a wheel chair. Dr. Hutter’s monthly maintenance plan, my monthly massages and water exercises have kept me going. Thanks, Ed."
James Shabarekh - Dairy Department Manager

"In October 2006, an MRI showed a herniated or bulging disk in my lower back. I was unable to work or exercise and surgery was strongly recommended to fix my problem. I decided to seek a second opinion and was referred to Dr. Hutter by a friend of mine. After weeks of consistent treatment, therapy, care and compassion, I am very happy to say, without surgery, I am back to work full duty and able to run 6.5 miles 3 times a week.

Sincere gratitude goes out to Dr. Hutter and his staff. Thank you for helping me get back to my active life."

L.H. Lippincott- Commander USN (Ret.)

"A year ago I was in constant pain. I could not walk without hanging onto something for support. After seeing several specialists, going through the pain clinic at the L&M Hospital and receiving a series of deep injections, I still did not feel any improvement.

At the urging of my family, I went to see Dr. Edward Hutter DC, DABCO. After three weeks of his treatments I was able to walk upright without help and was in very little pain.

After several months the pain has not returned. I wish to thank Dr. Hutter for helping me enjoy my 80’s again."

Craig Bridgman - Independent Contractor

"My wife, Maria Helena, suffered from pain in her legs and hips all her adult life. The condition was a sequel to a childhood spent learning to walk again after contracting polio at ago seven. She had always accepted this as the price of her mobility.

Following the series of treatments you gave her to restore full movement to her left foot and correct her skeletal imbalance, along with the new lift you supplied for her shoes to accommodate the difference in the length of her left leg, she has been pain free. Completely pain free.

This is a life-changing outcome. Her gait is confident, her standing posture straight, and above all she can walk without discomfort. ‘I still can’t believe this has happened,’ she has said to me over and over. ‘For all these years I’ve had to compensate mentally and physically for pain. Walking hurt. Climbing stairs was especially difficult and I almost never slept through a whole night without waking up from the pain in my hip and leg. To be suddenly free of pain is like having a new life handed to me.’

You can imagine my own feelings in response to this development. What a series of orthopedic physicians could not accomplish in more than twenty years, you brought about in a few weeks. You have made an extraordinary contribution to the quality of Maria Helena’s life. I could not be more pleased, knowing she can walk and enjoy her daily activities in comfort. On behalf of us both - thank you." 

Marlynn O'Donnell - Homemaker


Dear Dr. Hutter,

I know this is long overdue, however, I want to say thank you!

When I brought our daughter Brooke to you she was so miserable. She was 2 months old and cried uncontrollably when we tried to put her on her back to sleep, sit in a bouncy seat or swing. Within 5 minutes at her appointment she was a new baby! I'll never forget the look of relief on her little face. And how her little body just looked so relaxed. She's been great ever since and she's almost 3 now! It's no wonder why when we started to see the same pattern with our 4 month old son Jason we brought him to you. Jason also benefitted greatly from his visit to you. Thank you so much!

Marlynn O'Donnell




Chiropractic Care Saved My Life

A brief testimony of why I chose Chiropractic Care… not instead of, but in addition to!

I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, 190/110 in 173; I was 23 years old. Being young and believing I could handle myself quite well, I chose to ignore my high BP for the next 25 years.

At 50, I suffered a vitreous hemorrhage in my left eye (bleeding - loss of vision) and had to get a Cardiologist then. My blood pressure was 312/165. That’s right!

My Cardiologist began trying so many different meds with little to no success (did I mention the side effects?) over the next several months. At this point, I started really trying to work with him. “This is is. I’m going to die. Nothing’s working.” I WAS scared.

On my way home, I stopped into Angie’s Pizza. While waiting for my pickup, my eyes fell onto an article about Hutter Chiropractic and that sparked an interest in me. “Maybe this could work. Couldn’t hurt to try.” And try I did/ I booked an appointment at the Mason’s Island light location. The rest is HISTORY!

Dr. Hutter took my BP prior to alignment and immediately after. I was amazed. Slowly, but very definitely, my blood pressure started coming down 5, 10, 15 points per week.

I went into his office 3x per week for the next several months. Finally, with the three of us working together (myself, Dr. Hutter and my Cardiologist), I began to see that maybe I will be able to live a life of OPTIMUM health after all. Today, my blood pressure is stable and very good: 112/68!!!


Holly J. - Homemaker
When I was about 36 weeks pregnant or so a friend recommended you, so I thought I would go.  I was having issues with my hips/pubic bone area, as well as round ligament pain.  To the point where just lifting my feet to walk was excruciating.  I couldn't lift anything and I had a 2 yr old, and it was almost impossible to turn over in bed because the pain was so bad.  After the first few adjustments along with the stretches and exercises, the pain was decreasing and by the time my due date came around, the excruciating pain was gone (I was uncomfortable, but who isn't when they're 9 months pregnant?!) and I could walk just fine! I was able to give birth naturally and had no issues at all! And labor and delivery was only 4.5 hours compared to the 12 with my first. When I first took Sammy, our son, to you he was 3 weeks old and had reflux.  He would throw up after he ate, he would choke and sometimes stop breathing.  He also would NOT sleep on his back and would cry even if his head would tip back at all.   Within 24 hours of his first adjustment (it was so gentle!) he stopped throwing up and the choking and breathing issues were pretty much non-existent after that!  And he started sleeping better! I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care! Thank you Dr. Hutter!

Vivian Volovar

I first met Dr. Hutter when he opened his practice on the road to Mason Island, in Mystic CT.  At that time I was making my living Lobstering.  I weighed about 185 lbs, and was constantly throwing something in my body out-of-wack! Whether it was the left side of my pelvis I torqued, or the excruciating pain in my right wrist from carpal tunnel caused by knitting pot funnels, Dr. Hutter was able to correct the problems.


September 2012 while stopping in to just say “hello”, I asked Dr. Hutter why I couldn’t do crossword puzzles, telling him it was very annoying having all the information in my brain but I couldn’t pull it out.  I had been discussing my problems of digestion, as my body weight was down to 105 lbs.  standing 5’ 8”, I was skin-on-bones.


Dr. Hutter made some simple changes to my diet, what a difference! My body mass and brain function have dramatically improved.  Body weight is 116 and slowly rising.  Muscle mass is constantly increasing, and best of all my 56 year old brain is back up and running!


If it were not for Dr. Hutter and his massive pool of information on the human body and how it works, I would be dead! I kid you not.


Vivian Volovar

AKA “The Lobster Lady”

Kimi R.- Business Consultant and Fitness Instructor
"Believe it or not," I tell my friends and new acquaintenances, "I was in such pain that doctors and surgeons said: No more yoga, riding your horse, riding your bike, indoor cycling..and the list went on." They were taking my life from me as I had known it.
"Surgery for your back is looking imminent." Even my right arm from a prior accident would never straighten up or reach for the stars as I so happily performed througout the years. One day at the hairdressers, a new one for me, I sat sipping herbal tea, while the 'color set.' I overheard a stylist bragging about Edward Hutter, a chiropractor that had gotten her back on her feet after a severe horseback riding accident. WHAT? After two years of no activity and this guy gets her walking? Impossible. But, I'll try it! Dr. Hutter was very cautious. Concerned after viewing my mri and xrays that I might not be a candidate and he had to be cautious. I got it. Not a miracle case like the stylist. I'll go home. He treated me the next day on this most amazing table with this most amazing technique called THE COX TECHNIQUE on the COX TABLE. Having been around the block, I've tried it all and i'm glad for the chiropractic world but I knew surgery was the only answer and Dr. Hutter was only being polite but nothing will work. I got off the table. Untrue. I HOPPED off the table. I was BACK! I followed Dr. Hutters' specific instructions each visit and before I know it: I'm on my horse. I'm in yoga at the Mystic Yoga Shala. I'm not just riding my horse; I'm playing POLO??? I'm taking barre class...I'm strong. I'm 56. I'm alive and well. And whenever it feels bad..whatever it is..even a sore wrist from polo or too many hand stand jump ups in yoga...I hand it over to him. And I am relieved. So many friends cannot get over my story that they are now Hutter Chiropractic patients. The most amazing part is that the right shoulder that had given me such trouble from 4 years before and would not operate or function comfortably..just cleared up around the several and easy sessions at my wonderful chiropractors office. Thank you, Dr. Hutter. You're a life changer for me. And thank you to the stylist at the hair salon whose life was altered enough that she was shedding the light all over the salon that day, 3 years ago.
To whom it may concern:

For all those longtime Chiropractic Doctor doubters out there... Doubt no longer !
I suffered with lower back and hip pain for 9 long excruciating years after an injury at work. It wasn't until I was advised by a friend this summer, to go try Dr. Hutter, that I finally got some relief.... and not just "some"
relief" !!! I was down to almost NO pain by the end of 2 weeks of seeing him.
I can sleep through an entire night, I can get out of a sitting or lying position without any pain at all now. I have totally done away with any pain meds I was on and can attest to the fact that I feel like a whole new person.
I own a brand new 2005' motorcycle that has less then 120 miles on it because I couldn't ride it due to my pain. I am now anxiously awaiting Spring to arrive so I can finally go riding.
If anyone has ever ever doubted Chiropractors or believed in all the old wives tales about them... think again!
Dr. Hutter in particularly has done an amazing job on me. He is like no other
Chiropractor I have ever been treated by. His talents and experience goes far beyond what I have ever felt with a Chiropractor. Not just a simple snap
crackle pop.. No, he uses a special, gentle and caring technique that is a
result of what I believe is years of special training and experience. Take it
from me - I am a true believer now !
Thanks Dr. Hutter

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