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07/12/2016Exercise is Good for Back Pain Relief
 The Groton chiropractic approach to back pain relief at Hutter Chiropractic Office is often multi-pronged including some simple exercises that are relieving.
06/14/2016NEW Exercise Types for Non-Specific Low Back Pain
 New types of exercise are showing promise for relief of non-specific low back pain, and Hutter Chiropractic Office is ready to share their with Groton chiropractic patients!
05/17/2016Exercise for Neck Pain Relief
 Groton neck pain sufferers will be glad to know that Hutter Chiropractic Office follows and implements the medical literature’s recommendations to combine exercise and spinal manipulation to maximize neck pain relief.
04/19/2016Groton Chiropractic Team Effort for Neck Pain Relief: Manipulation & Exercise

At Hutter Chiropractic Office, Groton chiropractic manipulation and neck exercise produce neck pain relief for many neck pain patients.

03/22/2016Strengthen The Glutes!
 Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages exercise to strengthen lax muscles and especially the gluteal muscles that support the hips and spine.
02/23/2016Exercise Trackers: Gadgets or Inspiration?
 Incorporating exercise into the Groton chiropractic plan is routine for Hutter Chiropractic Office, and today’s activity trackers may make that more fun and possible!
01/26/2016Easy Way to Strengthen Back Muscles ANYTIME
 The back muscles called the multifidus and iliocostalis lumborum are often ignored, but they are so important to stabilizing the spine. Hutter Chiropractic Office shares a new, easy way to get to these muscles.
12/29/2015Exercise Relieves Neck Pain
 Groton neck pain sufferers may find relief in chiropractic care at Hutter Chiropractic Office where neck exercise for the neck muscles is part of the overall treatment plan.
12/01/2015Exercise Reduces Inflammation

Exercise is powerful particularly when inflammation is involved. Inflammation leads to pain, and relieving pain and inflammation go hand-in-hand. Hutter Chiropractic Office’s treatment plan addresses both.

11/03/2015Degenerated Discs & Neck Muscles Do Well with Exercise & Manipulation
 Hutter Chiropractic Office offers a one-two punch for muscles and discs in the spine: chiropractic spinal manipulation and exercise!
10/06/2015CLIMB for Back Pain Relief!
 Hutter Chiropractic Office offers that climbing just may be the new exercise tool that will get some Groton chiropractic patients moving to manage their low back pain alongside their treatment.
09/09/2015Yoga for Core and Heart and Blood Pressure: What More Could You Ask?
 Hutter Chiropractic Office knows Groton patients appreciate effectiveness, especially when it comes to their health. Yoga is especially effective for its dual benefits to the heart and spine-supporting core muscles.
08/11/2015Chiropractic & Muscle: Use It or Lose It!
 Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages any exercise to “use it or lose it” and knows that it’s even harder after a period of inactivity – just 2 weeks worth – due to injury or pain to get the muscle back.
07/14/2015Weak Spine Muscles, Painful Spines
 Back pain and neck pain go hand in hand with weak spine muscles. Groton back pain specialists recommend exercises to strengthen them.
06/16/2015Walk for Relief: Back Pain and Peripheral Artery Disease
 Exercise. It’s a recommendation that some Groton chiropractic patients roll their eyes at because they’ve heard it before, but walking is truly beneficial for back pain as well as peripheral artery disease relief.
05/19/2015Prevent Back Pain in Kids with DAILY Exercise
 Groton school kids get back pain. It’s a growing concern. Daily exercise goes far to keep back pain away especially when sitting at school all day triggers an episode. Hutter Chiropractic Office is here for kids and adults with back pain!
04/21/2015Strengthen Your Trunk with Chiropractic and Exercise!
 Groton lower back pain patients rely on Hutter Chiropractic Office to set a chiropractic treatment plan of spinal manipulation and stability exercise to deal with a bout of lower back pain. 
03/24/2015Need More Muscle Function & Strength? Less Fatigue? Choose Chiropractic!

Hutter Chiropractic Office knows its Groton chiropractic care is effective for spine pain relief and shares research that muscle function and strength benefit as well!

02/24/2015Hutter Chiropractic Office Offers Top Exercises for Back Pain Relief: Careful of Extension
 Groton chiropractic care encourages back pain patients to complement their in-office care with at-home effective exercises to relieve back pain.
01/27/2015Neck Pain Relief Combination: Chiropractic and Meditation
 Meditation plus chiropractic care at Hutter Chiropractic Office may be the relieving combination for Groton chronic neck pain sufferers.
12/30/2014Exercise your Back for the Groton Holidays!
 Don’t let the holidays derail your Groton exercise routine to keep your spine strong! Santa may need your help packing the sleigh!
12/02/2014Kids to Great-Grandparents Need an Exercise Plan to Prevent Pain
 Exercise offers great reward to Groton chiropractic patients - be they young or elderly – to curb chronic pain.
10/28/2014Exercise and Chiropractic Care After Back Surgery
 Hutter Chiropractic Office offers relieving spinal manipulation and exercise for Groton back pain patients who have undergone back surgery and still have pain.
09/30/2014Exercise the Connectors of the Spine: Multifidus and Erector Spinae
 Hutter Chiropractic Office knows lower back pain and the back muscle weakness that comes with it. Exercise effectively strengthens those muscles and their connections to keep your spine moving.
09/03/2014Exercise and Some Groton Chiropractic for Spinal Stenosis
 Spinal stenosis is a lower back pain issue shared by many in Groton, and Hutter Chiropractic Office offers relieving chiropractic care in the form of Cox Technic and exercise.
08/05/2014Groton Exercise for Brain Power!

Exercise can be for the body and the brain. Groton chiropractic care often recommends exercise for the body and pain relief, but Hutter Chiropractic Office knows the brain needs it, too!

07/08/2014Groton Exercise Tip: Stretch Hamstrings!
 Stretch your hamstrings to improve your lifting ability and prevent spine pain. Hutter Chiropractic Office will show you the hamstring stretch exercise just for you.
07/01/2014Groton Chiropractic Advice: Take a walk.
 Just walking is beneficial to keeping you moving and to getting you back to moving after experiencing back pain, so Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages you to just take a walk! Plus it may well keep immobility at bay.
05/06/2014Beware of Groton Trampolines!

Not wanting to dampen the fun, Hutter Chiropractic Office shares some facts about trampoline injuries that are costly not just financially but bodily. Careful on those Groton backyard trampolines!

04/08/2014Stabilization Exercise Is Good for Back Pain Control
 Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages our Groton lower back pain patients to do some stabilization exercise at home between chiropractic visits to strengthen and elongate the healing from the chiropractic treatment.
03/12/2014Groton Exercise Benefits Chronic Lower Back Pain
 Spine care research shows that Groton chronic lower back pain patients will benefit in the short-term and long-term from adding exercise to their spine care routine and avoiding back surgery.
01/28/2014Don’t Complain! Do your Groton Lower Back Exercise!
 “I don’t have time to exercise.” Oh, how your Groton chiropractor hears that all the time! You’re not alone. But exercise for lower back muscles is critical to lower back pain recovery. It won’t take long. It will help!
12/24/2013Groton Chiropractic Care of Muscle Weakness
 Tell your Groton chiropractor about any muscle weakness or loss of strength you have. You can experience muscle loss in such a short period of disuse, but chiropractic care can help regain it.
10/29/2013Your Groton Family Chiropractor Encourages Exercise: for You, for Your Kids

Groton families are in luck! Hutter Chiropractic Office offers Groton chiropractic care and simple exercise for everyone: kids, physically demanding job parents and NFL players!

10/15/2013Groton Chiropractor Touts Core Exercise

Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages simple core exercises to improve muscle strength and spine mobility.

09/10/2013Groton Chiropractic Women Patients: Tend to your Hamstrings!
 Groton men and women, especially women with a history of back pain, do them selves a favor to stretch their hamstrings and keep active! Chiropractic can help.
08/06/2013“Ommm…” Leads to “Ahhh…”: Yoga with Chiropractic Care
 Exercise is a vital addition to chiorpractic low back pain treatment, and yoga is one form that is popular and effective. Hutter Chiropractic Office sees many of its Groton back pain patients benefit from yoga.
07/02/2013Is Your Gait Off? Get It Back With Groton Chiropractic and Exercise!

Foot problems and back problems may contribute to overall gait issues, making you unsteady when you walk. Hutter Chiropractic Office helps Groton patients get to the bottom of their gait issue and back on track!

06/11/2013Core Exercise for Groton Back Pain is Effective

Your Groton chiropractic encourages back pain patients to enjoy the relief chiropractic gives and encourages exercise to sustain the relief. So, do your core stabilization exercises!

05/07/2013Doesn’t Matter What You Do – Just DO!
 Groton back pain patients will benefit from just doing some form of exercise on a regular basis. Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages its patients to exercise for their backs and to keep from fearing that motion will hurt!
04/23/2013Get a (Better) Grip with Groton Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation!
 Hand grip, that is! Spinal manipulation is demonstrated to improve hand-grip strength, and Hutter Chiropractic Office’s spinal manipulation is so gentle. You’ll get a better grip in no time!
03/05/2013Groton Chiropractic Exercise Tip: Add Some Weight Training, Reduce Back Pain
 Groton chiropractic treatment plans include spinal manipulation and often exercise to improve mobility, relieve pain and even avoid back surgery. Now the research adds that weight training exercise does, too!
01/29/2013Exercise Is Better than Spinal Fusion & Helps Spine Related Pain
 Exercise trumps instrumented spinal fusion surgery for back pain relief. Surprised? Not likely. Your Groton chiropractor isn’t either. See what other conditions exercise is good for. Hint: many!
01/08/2013Groton Chiropractic and Exercise are Great for Mid-Pregnancy Back Pain
 Pregnancy-related back pain really puts a damper on the joy of the time, but Hutter Chiropractic Office helps Groton pregnant women find that joy again with chiropractic treatment and stabilization exercises.
11/13/2012Simple Groton Chiropractic Neck Exercises

Hutter Chiropractic Office encourages you to exercise your neck muscles. Our Groton chiropractic treatment plan's effectiveness is boosted with your teamwork!

10/16/2012Chiropractic Exercise Tip: 15 minutes of exercise a day keeps back pain away!

Lower back pain prevention tips abound. Not all Groton patients want to follow them, but new research shows that just 15 minutes a day does wonders for 50 year olds!

09/18/2012Your Groton Chiropractor Worries About Your Spinal Discs When You Run or Jog!

Jogging and running are touted to be good for you…and they are! But your discs lose height and volume! So as your spinal health partner, your Groton chiropractor at Hutter Chiropractic Office is here to address and prevent damage.

08/14/2012Is your Computer a Pain in the Neck? Groton Neck Pain Relief with Chiropractic Treatment and Exercise

Computers are bad for our necks! Those of us who work on them - at home, at work, on the run – tend to experience neck pain on occasion, don’t we? Hutter Chiropractic Office relieves the pain and has tips to prevent it.

07/24/2012"I Don’t Wanna Exercise..." Hutter Chiropractic Office Says, "Exercise, Groton!"

No more excuses! No more whining! You want to exercise – for lower back pain and neck pain relief, prevention and overall balance. So, Groton, exercise!

06/12/2012Do Not Fear Moving with Groton Back Pain. Prepare for It!

Older folks with chronic low back pain may choose to move more slowly or not move at all. That’s just not good. Most Groton older adults want to be independent, so Hutter Chiropractic Office offers gentle chiropractic care and easy balance exercises to keep moving.

05/29/2012Chiropractic and Exercise Relieve Neck Pain; Both Better than Medication
 In Groton Hutter Chiropractic Office relieves neck pain with a combination of safe, gentle spinal manipulation and home exercise. A new report shows that, together, these approaches are reported to relieve neck pain better than medication.
04/10/2012Chronic Lower Back Pain Loves Exercise!
 Groton chiropractic and exercise go together, and chronic lower back pain really responds well!
03/27/2012Yoga Trumps Book for Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief; Chiropractic Care at Hutter Chiropractic Office Trumps Them Both!

Groton chronic lower back pain relief demands relief. New research shows that yoga is a good option. Add chiropractic, and you have a winning combination for relief!

02/21/2012Beneficial: Groton Chiropractic & Tai Chi

Combining Groton chiropractic with tai chi may give you that extra boost of back pain relief you are wanting. Check with Hutter Chiropractic Office to see if it may be yours!

01/10/2012Groton Chiropractor Encourages Exercise to Prolong Pain Relief
 Hutter Chiropractic Office loves this new information: Exercise decreases pain receptors for up to 90 minutes after exercising. Awesome! Our Groton chiropractic treatment helps in clinic, and your exercise helps at home. What a team we make!
12/13/2011Strong Quads and Hamstrings Keep Osteoarthritic Knees Happy!

Osteoarthritis in a knee may slow you down around Groton, but it doesn’t have to stop you! Hutter Chiropractic Office shares a few tips to keep your knee(s) happy!

11/15/2011Exercise is Beneficial for Leg Pain Relief
 Leg pain due to a lower back disc herniation (sciatica) or due to a lack of blood supply (intermittent claudication) cramps your Groton lifestyle. Don’t let it! Hutter Chiropractic Office’s chiropractic treatment and exercise plan may help you.
10/18/2011Don’t Be Lazy! Inactivity Risks Chronic Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain

Get up! No more marathon computer sessions. You don't want chronic lower back pain or neck/shoulder pain. Hutter Chiropractic Office wants you to move. Get out and enjoy Groton to keep your BMI low, your physical activity high, and avoid chronic pain.

09/06/2011Where are the Erector Spinae? Chiropractic & Exercise are Good for Them!
 New research shows 80% improvement in pain and function of the erector spinae with chiropractic flexion distraction. Groton patients of Hutter Chiropractic Office will agree! But they also actively exercise those back muscles, too.
08/02/2011Move… Even with Back Pain!

Don’t give into pain and fear when it comes to lower back pain. Move through it! You don’t need a fancy Groton gym either. You just need you and a few tips from Hutter Chiropractic Office!

07/12/2011Exercise Like A Cheerleader! Hamstrings

Hutter Chiropractic Office is happy to help the cheerleader athlete recover from and prevent hamstring injury and pain as well as the mom who bent too far into the trunk to pull out the groceries. Hamstring stretches can help us all.

06/21/2011"Stand Up Straight!" Posture is Important.

Does anyone in Groton slouch? Poor posture may lead to low back pain starting even in young people. Hutter Chiropractic Office offers simple exercises and posture tips to improve your posture and relieve back pain.

05/10/2011"Fatty" Neck Muscles? Yes! Tone them up.

In Groton neck muscles may get fatty. They degenerate over time like spinal discs degenerate. But Hutter Chiropractic Office has a relief plan for neck pain patients that includes some simple exercises to get the neck muscles back in shape relatively quickly with consistent and proper application.

04/05/2011"Look at those 6-pack abs!" or not...Strengthen What you Have!

Do you know someone in Groton with perfect abs? Well, that's all well and good, but most of us need to just tone what there is of us to support our spines. Hutter Chiropractic Office wants you to know that abdominal exercises don't have to be hard, just effective.

02/14/2011Improve Your Balance and Proprioception
 Chiropractic care for Groton residents is important to Hutter Chiropractic Office. Do you find that you lose your balance or trip more easily than when you were younger? Your proprioception, your sense of balance, may be off and a few simple exercises can improve it.
01/12/2011Stretch Your Spine
 Hutter Chiropractic Office recognizes that back pain and tight spinal muscles are no stranger in Groton. Hutter Chiropractic Office sees them everyday! Simply stretching the spine is relaxing as well as beneficial to recovery from back pain.
12/15/2010Stretch the Hamstrings
 Groton hamstrings are tight! Stretch those hamstrings! Low back pain may be provoked, especially in certain conditions like spondylolisthesis, by tight hamstrings. Simple daily stretching may be the best activity to add to your daily routine to minimize back pain.
09/11/2010Life is Your Marathon/Game/Sport, So Prepare for it Each Morning
Consider your daily life in Groton as an athletic event, filled with demanding motion. Then, prepare as an athlete prepares for his or her event: exercise. Stretch your spine and muscles before hopping out of bed.
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